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Jackson Hole American Legion Post 43 offers and participates in many activities in service to our community, our veterans, and the country in general. Here's a fairly complete list.

  • Post 43 provides color guards, marching details, and other details to honor our active duty servicemen and women, and our veterans. We commonly participate in parades, ceremonies, celebrations (Memorial and Veteran's Day), funerals, and other private and community events in the Jackson/Teton County area.
  • Please CONTACT US to discuss your upcoming event, and to schedule appearance and participation of a color guard, marching detail, etc. at your event.
  • Post 43 assists veterans in any way possible to obtain help/rehab benefits from the Veterans Administration.
  • We coordinate with the Wyoming Veterans Commission, or Congressional Representatives and Senators to obtain access to the medical or other assistance needed by a veteran.
  • The post also is a place where local veterans, or veterans visiting Jackson, can gather, have a beer, watch a game, and tell some lies with comrades in arms.
  • Please CONTACT US to discuss your plans to visit Jackson, or to request assistance in cutting through some red tape in receiving benefits for which you are qualified through your service to the country.
  • Post 43, along will all American Legion posts, sponsors and financially supports American Legion baseball. AL baseball has been a route to the big leagues for many talented baseball players. Membership on an athletic team is a profoundly important experience for young men and women in America.
  • Our local team is the Jackson Giants - check them out!
  • Your financial donations, and your attendance and cheering for our outstanding American Legion teams are so important to building the youth of America that will carry on the traditions that have made our country great. Please CONTACT US for information about the Giants, or to make a donation to support American Legion baseball.
  • Post 43 financially supports scholarships for qualifying and promising students. The American Legion also participates in graduation ceremonies at local schools to present graduates with flags, and pocket copies of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.
  • Your financial donations to Post 43 will assist in the funding of scholarships for Jackson and Teton County students to continue their studies at the college level Please CONTACT US to inquire about scholarship assistance for your scholars, or to make donations to help Post 43 fund more scholarships for Jackson and Teton County students.
  • Post 43 financially supports, and provides meeting facilities to local scout troops. We believe that scouting is an extremely beneficial experience to develop a wide variety of skills, outdoor orientation, and outdoor competence in our youth.
  • Your financial donations to Post 43 will assist in the funding of local scout troops and activities. Please CONTACT US to inquire about scouting assistance, or to make donations to help Post 43 fund more scouting activites for Jackson and Teton County students.
190 North Cache Street
PO Box 4121
Jackson WY 83001
  • The Post 43 meeting hall is conveniently located at 190 North Cache St., one block north of the Jackson town square. Convenient public parking is right across the street.
  • The hall is a small log cabin, built in 1928-29, that is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places.
  • The hall has a fully-equipped commercial kitchen, refrigeration, and a handy beer tap.
  • It also has a spacious meeting/dining/activity area with comfortable tables and chairs which can be easily moved to configure the room as desired. The area will accommodate approximately 80 people.
  • There is also a lower-level meeting area, which also can be configured as desired, that will accommodate approximately 40 people.
  • The hall has internet connectivity, and a big-screen TV with access to a plethora of sports channels.
  • The hall is available for meetings, dining, socializing, and other group activities. It can also be rented for events which require more extensive setup, cleanup or multi-day usage. Please CONTACT US to discuss and schedule use of the Post 43 meeting hall.